How to track a galaxy note 7 phone

The Galaxy Note7 is surprisingly smaller than the Nexus 6P, which is taller and thicker despite its same-size 5.

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I'm reluctant to classify it as a phablet. Bigger smartphones may have become more common across the board, but Samsung managed to keep the same 5. I enjoyed binge-watching YouTube on the Note7, though I have to note that I had to carefully cradle the phone so as to not muffle the bottom speaker.

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As a bonus, the S-Pen is also water resistant, and you can use the stylus to navigate the interface even while the Note7 is submerged. The Note 7's iris scanner is awkward to use at first, and you might have to stare at yourself as the phone registers your presence. The iris scanner can be used to unlock the Note7 and a special Secure folder, which effectively functions as an entirely separate, confidential user account.

For the most part, using the iris scanning feature is as simple as holding the phone up to your face. Set up is exceptionally easy, too, and much faster than tapping the fingerprint sensor a bunch of times to register your thumbprint.

Guide on How to Track and Locate Lost Note 7

At the very least, no one else can get into your phone—not even with a picture of your eyes. Overall, I enjoyed the novelty of using such a forward-thinking bit of technology. But after a few days of attempting to unlock the phone only with my eyes, I found it faster to simply use a pattern unlock. You may find your results vary, but for the most part the iris unlock is best if used solely with the Secure folder. I still struggle with writing on screen, however, and though the S-Pen is useful for things like editing photos and highlighting blocks of text, I hardly remembered to use it.

It offers shortcuts for penning a quick note, cropping part of the screen, and snapping an editable screenshot, as well as a shortcut for an instant translation feature, which lets you hover the S-Pen above individual words to quickly translate them into your language of choice. Samsung bundled in a neat GIF making feature for those with a silly side.

The Galaxy Note7 performs on par with the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, and the other flagship devices this year that run on the same system-on-a-chip.

Track and Locate Stolen or Lost Galaxy Note 9

And like its siblings, the Note 7 is Vulkan ready, and there are now a few game titles that take advantage of the new graphics API. You can read the full list of games offered here. And like its counterparts, the Note7 is fast to focus and quick to shoot.

Lastly, the Galaxy Note7 comes with a slightly updated version of the camera app featured on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The camera app now features minimalist icons and a swipe-left gesture that lets you quickly change camera modes. Alternatively, swiping to the left on the viewfinder will bring up a variety of different live filters you can use to snap photos. You can not only track your own phone location, but view the location of the other person as well. If your Samsung phone is lost or stolen, you can easily find it.

Here is the instruction how to do it:.

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  • Ring my device. With this feature you can make your phone play sound for 5 minutes even if it is on mute or vibrate mode.

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    Lock my device. You can set a PIN, pattern or password to block your device. Besides, you can add a message on your phone screen to help someone return it. Wipe my device. You can delete all your device data to protect your personal information from possible leak. If you want to track the location of the other person, you need to have an advanced monitoring app like mSpy.

    The process of installation is easy and time-saving. Firstly, you need to choose mSpy package Basic, Premium or Bundle. Secondly, purchase mSpy. Then go to your mailbox and follow the installation guide. Once the installation is finished you may start monitoring the location of the other person remotely from your Control Panel. In this article we gave you two possible ways to track the location of a Samsung device.

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