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These behaviors are only indicators of a cheating spouse and are not absolutes!

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But when you observe several, or maybe MOST, of these behaviors, your marriage may be in trouble! Again, let me reiterate that these behaviors are only indicators of an affair. Having to ask that question in the first place.


This also goes for jewelry you might have purchased for them and you catch them not wearing it when they go out when usually they wear it at all time. Excessive internet usage, especially late at night, is a red flag. Him: When he showers, shaves cologne, deodorant, etc.

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When partners stop communicating clearly and often in their relationship, their emotional connection could begin to weaken, Dr. Walfish says. If you notice a change in your partner that makes you suspect that they're being unfaithful, don't just snoop around until you find something definitive. Instead, confront them calmly and communicate what your concerns are so that the two of you can work through any confusion as a team.

It's important to note, though, that just because you begin to notice your partner changing their appearance or picking up new interests suddenly does not mean that they're being unfaithful. They could just be interested in something new or be ready for a physical change. If you recognize some of these signs in your partner, simply ask them about them.

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Opening up communication like this could help you understand what's really going on. Here are some subtle signs that your partner might be cheating , according to experts.

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Beginning to care about their appearance more than usual might be a sign that your partner is being unfaithful, Dr. Caroline Madden , a licensed marriage and family therapist who specializes in infidelity, tells Bustle. Is your partner suddenly buying brand new underwear or working out more?

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This could possibly suggest that they're looking to be attractive to other people. That being said, they could definitely be doing these things simply as acts of self-care or just to feel attractive to you.

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  • If you partner usually initiated sex throughout your relationship and has recently stopped, this could point to cheating , Dr. Madden says.

    Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

    While nobody ever owes their partner sex, if one person needs more sexual attention than the other, it can be frustrating for them to consistently ask to get intimate and then be regularly shut down, she says. Suddenly stopping this kind of behavior could potentially mean that they have found sex or emotional intimacy outside the relationship. Alternatively though, it could be totally innocent. It's absolutely normal for there to be lulls in your sex life with your partner, especially if both of you are busy and tired.

    Taking a new medication or dealing with a lot of stress could also contribute to less desire to have sex, so do not immediately jump to conclusions.

    10 Signs For Him & 10 Signs For Her

    Instead, talk to your partner about what's up. When beginning a new relationship, people will find out what their new love interest is passionate about and learn all about it, she says. Madden says, so if your partner has taken up a new hobby or become obsessed with a new TV show, this might be one subtle sign that they've met someone new.