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Jack Lazzereschi, Technical Director of bug sweeping company Shapestones, says cases of stalking and victims being blackmailed with intimate footage shot in secret has doubled in the past two years.

He told Metro. We try to protect the client, we want to assure that somebody has been protected. Users insert a sim card into a hidden slot and call a number to listen in on their unwitting targets. Jack says the devices are so effective, cheap and hard to trace to their users, law enforcement prefer using them over expensive old-school devices.

There is no suggestion online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon are breaking the law by selling them.

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But in some instances, images of women in their underwear have been used in listings — implying more sinister uses for the devices. Victims are often filmed naked or having sex and threatened with the threat of footage being put online and in the worst cases children are also recorded.


Jack says UK law is woefully unprepared to deal with these devices compared to countries in the Asian-Pacific region. In South Korea authorities have cracked down on a scourge of perverts planting cameras in public toilets.

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This category showcases a select range of self-contained, portable battery powered, and static mains powered audio surveillance solutions for use in most room environments. Audio listening has evolved since the 's when the most popular types of listening devices used UHF technology Ultra High Frequency to transmit crystal controlled signals from a miniaturised transmitter to hand held receiver up to meters away. However, such devices today have evolved to using standard GSM channels which not only produces excellent listening quality but is not restricted to distance limitation.

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The listening devices category showcases a range of self-contained, portable battery powered, and mains powered secret audio surveillance solutions for use in almost any room environment. Covert audio listening devices have evolved considerably over the years, the most popular method of listening from a distance was via UHF technology Ultra High Frequency which is transmitting crystal controlled signals from audio device to a hand held receiver some short distance away. The upshot of such equipment is the extremely small size and exceptional listening quality, however, a broadcasting license is mandatory to operate.

This forced the technology to move forward and utilise a newer, better form of eavesdropping transmission compliments of the GSM networks.

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To the present day, the reliable form of audio monitoring is using GSM based, spy listening technology whereby the sound quality is truly excellent and without the range restrictions in comparison to UHF. The additional benefit of these devices is the full functionality of use too.

Vibration travels through the wall from the other side into clear audio waves allowing you to hear with incredible reception. The audio can also be recorded onto a standard voice recorder and used as evidence.

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Audio listening devices are more sophisticated than ever before, while the technology remains easy to use. They can be used in almost any room environment and come in portable, battery powered devices and mains-powered solutions. One of the standout features of these devices is that once placed, you can use them for monitoring and recording no matter where you happen to be in the world.

Listening devices are most commonly used for collecting evidence, but they can also be used for security and general surveillance purposes.